's Customer Operations Platform Category Strategy Tear Down

Category Strategy looks easy and obvious when it is clear, concise, and executed with conviction and commitment. Few B2B SaaS companies are comfortable tweaking existing category conventions to the point where clear differentiation and premium positioning is achieved. We roll across a lot who try, but is one of the few who have done a great job bringing the strategy to life and to market. It's not all roses, though. There are a couple of opportunities for improvement.

Mike Geraci
August 8, 2023

You can check out our entire conversation on's Customer Operations Platform category strategy on Episode 43 of The SaaS Brand Strategy Show.

What Worked:

1. Category Leadership: leads with their chosen category - "Customer Operations Platform." Customer Operations Platform ticks all the boxes of the DRMG category name Venn: It captures what it is, what it does, and it makes the familiar new. 

2. Laser-Targeted ICP: aced its Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), understanding their primary audience to the tee - contact centers. Their languaging resonates exclusively with this target demographic.

3. Focused Messaging: Armed with a clear enemy in their crosshairs, their messaging highlights the shortcomings of traditional help desk solutions, presenting their platform as the ultimate alternative.

4. Compelling Storytelling: The company's copywriting is clean, compelling, and interesting.

5. Polished Aesthetics: showcased their aesthetic finesse level of polish and sophistication bodes well for gaining the trust of discerning enterprise-level clientele.


1. Seizing the Zeitgeist: While aced their value proposition, they could further capitalize on the "Why Now" factor. Articulating the urgency tied to broader industry trends and the critical need to adopt their solution would amplify their value proposition and push prospects to act decisively.

2. The Product Explainer video - Few have landed on the secret sauce with the right mix of tangible/rational and intangible/irrational. tries but succumbs to standard category conventions.

3. Expanding Horizons: should seize the opportunity to tap into larger industry shifts and demonstrate how their platform aligns with the evolving business landscape. By doing so, they can extend their reach beyond their core ICP, unlocking new growth avenues.

All in all,'s evolution is a great example of how a B2B SaaS brand can create space and premium positioning by getting clear and concise on Category Strategy elements.

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