DRMG Unites Go to Market Activation with SaaS Brand Strategy

DRMG now offers a full suite of go-to-market services in tandem with our category creation and SaaS brand strategy.

May 25, 2022

Close the Gap Between Strategy and Results

Between the excitement and novelty of a new brand strategy and the less sexy day-to-day reality of what it takes to push a big idea from board room victory to market-leading reality lies a minefield of potential traps and tricks which will sabotage the road to success. 

Perhaps the most succinct map of the change of strategy minefield comes from EatBigFish

We see it in our work. Mapped to the DRMG ecosystem and RISE process, clients and prospects are feeling the Pressure for Change when they reach out to us.Our SaaS Brand Strategy work provides the organization with the Shared Vision part of the puzzle. Yet, the Capacity to Translate and the Realistic Workplan represent the crux of the initiative: when leadership has to sell in, align, assign, and activate the change of strategy across the entire organization.

DRMG now offers a full suite of go-to-market services in tandem with our category creation and SaaS brand strategy. The scope of work helps clients with the following:

  • Craft A Compelling Story - Building awareness starts with the story you tell the market and a Category Core Messaging that informs all your upper-funnel assets and activities.
  • Align Solutions to Your Category - Cascade your category messaging to you GTM offerings with Solution Core Messaging that maps to product & service capabilities and leads with a value.
  • Amplify Your Sales Motion - Create a GTM motion that enables your field teams to engage, educate, and sell with content and scripts that align to your sales process.
  • Empower Sales to Sell- Leveraging a train-the-trainer approach, we ensure your sales teams can deliver the pitch, speak to industry trends, and differentiate your offerings.
  • Measure the Value - Measure pre- and post-category launch performance using a proven framework to demonstrate lift.

Go To Market Activation is a three-month engagement and the cost is determined based on each team's experience and capacity. To find out more about SaaS Brand Strategy and the new Go To Market Activation to navigate your own minefield, reach out to hi@drmg.co.

For more on Go To Market Activation challenges and opportunities from a CRO's perspective, listen to our recent SaaS Brand Strategy Show Ep 19 - When the Brand Strategy Rubber Hits the Road.



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